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Hire the Best Lawn Care Service in Lansing and Jackson. We are north of Jackson, and servicing the Capital City and surrounding areas. If you see Mike’s white truck in Eaton Rapids, Springport, Rives Junction, Tompkins, Pleasant Lake, Leslie, Stockbridge, and Dansville please come up and say hi!

Hire the Best Lawn Care Service in Lansing and Jackson.

You can Call Mike (517) 348 – 9346 or email at sales@topnotchlawnandsnow. He’ll see that you called, and he will get right back to you.

Always about you!

A  lot of people are looking to hire the best lawn care service Lansing and Jackson. If you have any extra needs, you can reach out to Mike and remedy them right away. Spring and Winter approaching always puts a lag in customer service with some other lawn and snow companies. Mike will step up and reach out to you to get the job done. There are no jobs too big or too small to meet your growing needs.

Lawn and Garden services and pricing is the best reason to call Mike today!

Keep an eye on the weather

It’s always a good idea to take a peek at the weather. You never know when a new storm may be moving its way into the greater Lansing and Jackson, Michigan areas.  Be sure to check out interactive radar in mid-Michigan to stay on top of the best time to schedule an appointment.

Keep in mind that when you hire the best lawn care service Lansing and Jackson, we will always know when the best time is to mow your lawn. Early morning and late in the evening are less than ideal not only for your sleeping neighbors.

The Good and the Bad

Early morning dew may clog the mowers, and wet grass may leave unattractive tracks from our mowers.  Early evening is less ideal as well because your lawn needs time to recover before nightfall.  During the nighttime, your lawn may be prone to damage caused by fungus and turf. Our favorite time to mow is late morning, and only second to early afternoon.