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What should I do with grass clippings?

What should I do with grass clippings after mowing?

What should I do with grass clippings after mowing? So, you have waited for the rain to cease, and you have sharped the blades on the mower. You spent a good morning or late afternoon mowing your lawn, but there are some grass clippings getting in your way. What should you do with grass clippings? COMPOST.

What should I do with grass clippings after mowing?

As you would expect, composting the grass clippings is the best idea ever! Rather than pick them up in a bag, and move them to a remote location you can simply leave them where they are. Do nothing. NADA! Rake them out into the yard to get better effect from their decomposition. Aside from saving time, you are saving money (less fertilizer), saving water, and reducing waste.

Nevertheless, why do we all lover to troll thrift stores trifling for ____________? Is it only to find a cheaply priced and slightly use trinkets or do we secretly believe in re-purposing, recycling and reducing waste. Grass clippings can mount up to a lot of your summer waste, and all of that fertilizer is killing us anyways.

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Most importantly, studies have shown that recycling lawn clippings helps conserve precious water. Grass clippings helps improve soil structure and holds 12% more water. Fertilizer only absorbs countless dollars from your bank account, and some studies have concluded RoundUp causes cancer. Grass clippings are a great plant food. When grass clippings decompose, the lawn soaks up all those nutrients, like nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Because of this added boost, the EPA says you can skip one lawn fertilization every year. Learn how to compost your leaves instead!

  • Grass clippings hold water
  • Lawn clippings are a natural fertilizer
  • Grass clippings can be re-used and save money


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