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Mow Your Grass Lansing

Mow Your Lawn Lansing
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Mow your lawn Lansing! Now is the best time to start thinking about getting your lawn mower and weed wacker ready for the months ahead. Mowing the lawn in spring isn’t about waiting until a specific date but requires monitoring the length of grass and waiting for it to reach the right height. To avoid injuring grass by cutting when it’s too short, which also renders it prone to disease, Mike recommends waiting until it’s at least 2 inches tall. Doing so protects the roots of grass, as will never removing more than a third of its length in a single mowing. Keep in mind that we had an early frost and snowing, so you may have to do some spring clean up before sharpening your blades. Mike Cowing is here to help and all you need to do is give him a call. CONTACT MIKE FOR SPRING CLEAN UP

  • Wait until it is at least 40 ° Fahrenheit or 4.44 °C
  • Review grass height requirements for your specific region
  • Sharpen your lawn mower blades

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Fertilize Your Lawn Lansing

While a good spring mowing is important , proper fertilization at this time of year is also key. After winter, grass needs a boost of nutrients, so fertilize in early spring, from February to April, to bolster root health and provide the lawn with the energy needed for the upcoming growing season. In late spring, from May to June, grass growth kicks into high gear, so another dose of fertilizer will keep it nourished.

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Mow Your Lawn Lansing

Spring clean up and fertilization is important, but proper timing of lawn watering in the spring helps grass grow more rugged. Instead of rushing out with the hose, Mr. Cowing recommends waiting until the heat slightly wilts grass. Waiting for this to happen sends a signal to the grass’s roots, instructing them to grow deeper to endure a dry spell, which continues to help the lawn as temperatures continue rising. When it is time to water, do so deeply, but infrequently, giving grass roughly an inch of water weekly.

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What else is there?

With all of this being said, have you ever seen or heard of a Spring dead spot? Spring dead spot symptoms appear in circular patches from 6 inches to several feet in diameter that remain dormant as the turf greens up in the spring.

Spring dead spot is easily recognizable by the tan, circular patches it leaves on infected lawns after winter and should be looked for. Two years can pass before the fungal disease is noticeable, during which time it remains concealed in thatch. To prevent the disease, remove thatch, preventing it from becoming more than half an inch thick. Lawns should also be watered regularly to keep them hydrated in summer, and using a low-nitrogen fertilizer in autumn helps grass defend itself from the disease in winter.

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