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Sweetcorn, Lettuce, Peas, Please

Eaton Rapids Parks and Recreation

Eaton Rapids Parks and Recreation are home to many birds in our island city. Many of our citizens were first introduced to the joys of wildlife by feeding ducks bread at a local park or pond. While we may have thought this was an environmentally responsible and cute way to dispose of old or stale bread, offering bread to ducks is actually unhealthy and potentially dangerous for the birds.

Stop Feeding Ducks Bread

Bread and similar products such as crackers, chips, crisps, donuts, crusts, cereal, and popcorn are great sources of carbohydrates but they offer little nutritional value for ducks, geese, swans, and other birds. In fact, bread is the equivalent to junk food for birds. Just like humans would suffer from a diet of nothing but candy, too much bread can lead ducks to excessive weight and malnutrition as well as many other problems. National Geographic has a more complete article about feeding ducks or many other birds.

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Our Island City has has more than 60 acres of land designated for parks and recreational use. An additional 1,050 feet of river walk is also available for your enjoyment, as well as school, regional and state facilities. Eaton Rapids Parks and Recreation are asking for your feedback. Please take a 5 minutes to complete this survey online.

The City of Eaton Rapids, Hamlin Township, and Eaton Rapids Township would like to gather input from the community to update the Parks and Recreation Master Plan. Hard copies of the survey will be available April 26th, 2019 at the following locations:

  • ER Township Hall 2512 S. Canal Road Eaton Rapids, MI 48827
  • ER Library 220 S. Main Street Eaton Rapids, MI 48827
  • Hamlin Township Hall 6463 S. Clinton Trail Eaton Rapids, MI 48827
  • ER City Hall 200 S. Main Street Eaton Rapids, MI 48827

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Eaton Rapids Parks and Recreation

Do you want to help shape the future of parks and recreation in your home town? The City of Eaton Rapids is open Monday through Friday at 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. (517) 663-8118. Online Survey. Remember Eaton Rapids Parks and Recreation are part of WE ARE ER!