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How to rake your leaves?

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How to rake leaves? This is one of my earliest memories.  My mother would gather us children in the yard with a big tarp or old fitted sheet. In Michigan, we have many trees from many different species.  This means that we have a lot of leaves in early and especially later in the Fall.

Michigan has over 100 species of trees. Sugar maple, red maple, hemlock, basswood, and yellow birch are the most common trees in Michigan‘s northern hardwood (NH) forest. Typical secondary species are beech, black cherry, quaking aspen, and white ash.

First, she would ensure before any raking occurred, everyone would lay out a tarp or other large piece of material on the ground. Then, begin raking the leaves onto the tarp. Rake one area of your yard until the tarp is full, then drag the tarp to your main pile. If you prefer, you can also rake your leaves directly into bags.

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Riding Lawn Mowers  Can Help

Collecting and raking leaves can be a tedious task if you do it by hand. Your lawn tractor can help you take care of your leaf chores in a couple of ways. There are certain types of accessories compatible with most lawn tractors that can pick up leaves as you drive up and down your lawn. You can even use these accessories while you mow the grass, and accomplish both tasks at once.

Riding lawn mowers can be accessorized with lawn sweepers, bagger collection systems, mulching, and tractor leaf bags.  Mulching and follow-behind leaf bags are the most popular.

How to rake leaves?

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