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What to do in your yard this Fall?

What to do with your yard

What to do with your yard this Fall? Keep cutting the grass. But Stop! I do not wish to talk about raking leaves, aerating your lawn, fertilizing,  nor filling in bald spots. Mike Cowing can do all of that for you! What do you want to do? What are the most ridiculous and awesome projects you can get the whole family in before the leaves start falling? Save Up to 50% off Mountain Hardwear at


What to do with your yard?

Here are 37 crazy things you may have never thought about doing in your backyard! For example, have you ever built a pool using bales of hay; write an inspirational quote on a brick wall with moss graffiti; create your own mini-golf course; create a carpet teepee; or build a rope bridge or rope course? Get interactive with a refreshing game of water balloon piñatas.

The heat is still on!

The last day of Summer is September 22nd, so be sure to spend some time cooling off in your own backyard. Get a quick quote from Mike Cowing to save 40% off any new lawn projects this summer.  His End of Summer Sale is amazing, and he can save you 10% by completing an online quote too! Shop Now for Organic Seeds & Grains at PRANA & Get Free Shipping on Orders of $100 or more!

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