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What Not to Wear

What Not to Wear

What not to wear when weed whipping or mowing your lawn.  You should not wear flipflops or sandals, jewelry, shorts or go shirtless this summer when mowing your lawn or weed whipping.

When the weather is hot, be sure to stay hydrated and take frequent breaks while mowing your lawn.

What Not to Wear

Take off or secure any jewelry or loose clothing so nothing catches on the mowing equipment.

What not to do with a weed whacker

In this episode of Bodybuilder VS  weed whacker Houston Jones take on the challenge of getting hit with a weed wacker which causes a crazy stinging pain! This weed eater also makes for an effective pain test on human skin.

What to Wear when mowing your lawn

Wear the right clothing when cutting your grass, including long pants, closed-toed shoes with good traction and a tucked-in shirt.

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Wearing protective gear along with appropriate clothing increases your safety while mowing the lawn. Goggles or sunglasses that wrap around your face shield the eyes in case debris flies up from the lawnmower. Earplugs reduce damage to your ears from the loud mower engine noise.

When to wear it and how to wear it

KEEP YOUR SHIRT ON and tuck it in your pants! The clothes you wear should protect you from any flying debris without adding any other dangers, such as the clothes getting caught in moving parts.

How to start a lawn mower

Regular lawn mower maintenance helps engine prevent problems, but these troubleshooting tips for mowers will help when your equipment won’t start.

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