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Spring Driveway Repair

spring driveway repair

Spring driveway repair should be done very soon! Spring and early summer is the best time to repair a gravel driveway. Buy gravel that has a fair amount of stone dust in it. Most importantly, our gravel is unwashed which leaves a fair amount of stone dust to help the gravel bind together.

So, if you put the gravel down in the spring you give the dust a chance to bind from the compaction of being driven on. Plus, the rain and heat of the sun naturally bind it. Lastly, another reason we recommend spring application rather than fall is because most of the binder would be plowed off during the winter.

Best Time to Repair a Gravel Driveway

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Driveway Repair

Nonethless, stone, slag or gravel is no problem and I have no problem offering a special rate through the end of August on driveway repair and bush hogging services near me.

Replenish the Gravel in Your Driveway

First, you’ll want to maintain your gravel driveway regularly. Depending on your drainage situation you’ll want to add gravel every two to four years. Gravel with angular, sharp stones are best for driveways because they lock together and movement is minimized by vehicle traffic.

Likewise, use large 4” crushed gravel for the base to insure there is no sinking or shifting when vehicles drive on it. The second layer is typically 1.5” gravel with 3/4″ gravel used for the top layer.  The key is to have gravel pieces continually get smaller until you get to the top layer. Remember, every layer of gravel needs to be compacted in order to maintain its shape and strength. Get pricing now!

All of these variables change how long it takes to do a job. And at the end of the day, how long it takes vs how much you charge is really all that matters. My ads used to read something to the effect of “prices typically $40 to $50 per acre” and you would be surprised at the number of calls I took where someone wanted 1 acre of lawn mowed around a vacant house that hasn’t been touched in 3 years and 45 minute drive away and expected me to charge something around $50. Uh, no thanks. Increased liability around a house, and lots of things like septic, wells, etc. Bush Hogging Services Near me Call Mike (517) 358-9346