What about you?

It does not matter if you love cutting your lawn in  Onondaga, Michigan or hate mowing the yard in Okemos, residents, and businesses alike still struggle with the decision whether they should hire a lawn service to take care of their yard or purchase all the equipment that is needed to mow their lawns themselves. Should you hire someone to cut your lawn?

First, look at the costs of all the equipment you would need to care for your own lawn. A riding lawn mower can cost about 1,500 dollars. A blower can cost 150 dollars and a weed eater will cost you 100 dollars. The total cost of all of that is 1,750 dollars. That is a lot of money! Some think well that is a lot of money up front, but will pay for itself in the long run. That is not necessarily correct. Things that people who take care of their own lawns may not think about is the costs of maintaining the equipment. The lawnmower takes gas and gas prices are on the rise. This returns you to your initial dilemma: should you hire someone to cut your lawn?

What About Us?

Michael Cowing is the sole owner and operator of Top Notch Lawn and Snow. He is fully committed to delivering top-notch quality service North of Jackson, Michigan.  There is no job that is too big or too small to tackle, and his rates are very reasonable. Please give him a personal call today to discuss your needs. (517) 358 – 9346. 

What about our common grass?

We are the Great Lake State, and throughout Michigan, we have a variety of different lawns.  The Kentucky bluegrass is the most widely used turfgrass. With proper management, it forms a long-lasting lawn, and it is an aggressive sod former. Bluegrass grows rapidly during cool, moist weather, with slower growth during hot, dry weather. Michael Cowing has specific experience with the grass we have here in Michigan, and you should you hire someone to cut your lawn, it should be him. Hire the best lawn care service in Lansing and Jackson, Michigan.